Job Title:   Supervisor, CARE Engagement

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  • 26589

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  • Human Resources

Job Description

The Employee Engagement Team Supervisor will assume responsibility for organizing, conducting and evaluating recurring, periodic and ad-hoc events and activities to support the strategic goals of the Center Engagement Team. You will closely collaborate with the leaders and other departments both locally and globally, work cross-functionally and creatively to identify and solve engagement related issues and partner with external vendors and diverse internal departments to develop activities/events/awards to create high impact employee engagement. 



The role will involve:

  • Motivating, leading, coaching and developing a team of specialized employees who plan and execute initiatives geared towards improving employee engagement.
  • Delegating individual components of projects to team members based on skill requirements of tasks
  • Guiding individuals in achieving their full potential through continuous monitoring, assessment and feedback
  • Proposing creative ideas to improve center engagement through services, events and activities
  • Planning, designing and producing events/activities while managing all project delivery elements within time limits
  • Organizing and managing company social events ensuring effective and efficient execution
  • Engaging and contracting external vendors for services needed for company social events and activities
  • Planning, executing and liaising with other departments or groups on projects which create a positive impact both locally and globally
  • Liaising with support functions to identify their needs and ensure customer satisfaction at all levels
  • Providing feedback and periodic reports to stakeholders
  • Conducting pre and post events/activities evaluations and reporting on outcomes
  • Creating effective, high impact multimedia in support of approved activities and events
  • Assisting in the reinforcement of key communication activities throughout the center
  • Proactively handling any arising issues and troubleshooting any emerging problems on the events/activities day
  • Managing the finances of the team and that of large projects to ensure we stay within budget
  • Perform additional responsibilities as required
  • Creation of internal and external marketing plans


In return, you will bring:

  • Flexibility and willingness to work in any shift
  • Strong skills in communication, presentation and moderation
  • Competency in managing multiple tasks and changing priorities efficiently and effectively
  • Skills in effective coaching and motivating in a constantly changing environment
  • Proficiency in creating and managing Applications in Quickbase
  • Proficiency in editing and creating wiki pages
  • Ability to create surveys and extract data from survey sites
  • Ability to write and review high level contracts for various events ensuring the best interest of the company and vendors
  • More than two (2) year’s experience in creating and facilitating community service projects
  • More than three (3) year’s experience in people management
  • More than three (3) years’ experience in event planning and project management
  • Certification in principles of project management
  • Willingness to learn through openness to feedback and development
  • Excellent team player


Special Skills & Abilities – Multimedia specialization 

  • Photo and video editing skills is a definite plus
  • Operate and maintain a variety of analog and digital cameras and multi-media editing equipment
  • Creatively plan and translate abstract concepts into effective visual form
  • Adapt image products to fit needs of clients and target audience
  • Ability to make effective recommendations for multi-media software and equipment purchases
  • Efficiently produce a variety of multimedia products for displaying, webcasting, and video streaming