Job Title:   Quality Engineer

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  • 24197

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  • Quality Engineering

Job Description

Sr. Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality (SHE-Q) Specialist

Summary of Responsibility

This position will provide full time environmental health, safety & quality support to the facilities department and operations group as needed and will ensure that all practices are in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and requirements. The position will be responsible for coordinating safety and regulatory programs and support the development and coordination of training programs. This position is also responsible for ensuring all quality expectations and guidelines are met in all departments on the production floor.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Setting up and leading the Quality Assurance and Quality Control team.
  • Championing Quality strategy and initiatives throughout the organization.
  • Practice safe working techniques and re-enforce the safety policies, guidelines, and procedures as set out by OSHA
  • Significantly raising the bar on Safety awareness, programs and KPI’s and driving continuous improvement of an incident free working environment.
  • Having final responsibility for quality, safety, health and environmental projects.
  • Observing and maintaining compliance with quality, safety, health and environmental regulations.
  • Coordinates and ensures training and compliance of all site personnel to safety, environment, health, quality and process procedures and responsibilities.
  • Spend between 10% and 20% of the work week on continuous improvement and automation.
  • Have a high level of design knowledge, primarily but not limited to Server Builds, Infrastructure, RIP Server Builds and Configuration, File Systems, Statuses, Manifest and Customs, RIP Strategies, Gang and Item DNAs, Bin Management.
  • Performing internal audits and corrective actions related to all SHEQ areas.
  • Reviewing and optimizing the waste disposal system and costs.
  • Leading and supporting projects on environmental sustainability, on various levels.




  • Bachelor degree in Engineering, Operations, Security Management or equivalent
  • 5+ years of relevant work experience in a manufacturing environment;
  • Extensive experience with internal SHEQ management systems;



  • Excellent people management and communication skills and natural ability to translate views into actions
  • Strong organizational sensitivity and hands-on, down to earth and proactive mentality;

Flexible approach, persuasive and inspiring and i