Job Title:   Scrum Master

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  • 21425

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  • Software Development

Job Description

At Vistaprint, a Scrum Master is an essential member of an engineering team.  A scrum master enables teams to define and focus on the most valuable work, optimize their flow, and identify and create the feedback loops necessary for learning.  A Scrum Master is a change agent that creates an environment that produces motivated, happy engineers that deliver high performance results.


In July 2017 Vistaprint opened its brand new technology center in Prague.  This is an exciting opportunity to join at the start as we put together our teams. You will play a key role in helping them grow and succeed.


What You’ll Do

  • Work with a handful of teams and provide facilitation, coaching, teaching and mentoring services that will contribute to creating an agile mindset
  • Facilitate learning through ceremonies, workshops, and off-sites
  • Actively identify impediments and work across the organization to remove them
  • Coach teams to higher levels of maturity, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and organization
  • Coach teams on agile technical practices
  • Providing support to the team by use of servant leadership and leading by example. The scrum master should personify Agile principles and values
  • Drive the health of a tribe (group of teams) as part of the servant leadership team

Who You Are

  • You are excited about being a member of 2-4 teams and working with them every day to developer their agile mindset and deliver value for our customers.
  • You are an experienced scrum master, agile coach, development manager, or PO who has worked with enterprise software engineering teams.
  • You have a deep understanding of agile and lean concepts and have experience adapting them to local contexts.
  • You are an active learner.


If the above sounds interesting to you don’t hesitate to apply, we look forward to hearing from you (please send us your CV in English) !