May 16, 2018

Vistaprint Success Story – Lauren van Litsenburg

Author: Lauren van Litsenburg


After I got my master’s degree in Health and Social Psychology from the University of Maastricht, I started working for the medical device company Medtronic. I was responsible for several different things: project coordination, payment support and assisting the director of clinical research. It was not at all what I had studied for, but I realized that I really liked the diversity and the fact that I got to work with so many different departments and people!


Customer CARE Specialist 10/2013 – 12/2014

After a year at Medtronic, my boyfriend at the time was offered a job in Berlin and we jumped on the opportunity to move to this amazing city! When looking for a job in Berlin, I realized that my German was not yet at working proficiency, so I applied for a job as a Dutch customer CARE Specialist. I had planned to work for Vistaprint until I had improved my German enough to get a “serious” job. However, I found that I really enjoyed working at Vistaprint, and I soon got a few more responsibilities, like electronic services support and mentoring new hires.

Project Coordinator 01/2015 –12/2015

I then I became aware of an internal vacancy for project coordinator, and I applied immediately! I got the job and started in my new position in January 2015.
The switch from customer CARE specialist to project coordinator was quite challenging. Luckily, I got to start out with a semi-local project which only required me to work together with Barcelona while at the same time assisting my manager on a big, global project.

(Senior) Project Specialist 01/2016 –

Soon, I was promoted to project specialist, and later to senior project specialist. Now I’m working on bigger, global, more complicated projects. These projects require me to collaborate with all sorts of different people and departments, which is not only really fun, but also a great opportunity to travel. In the last two years I have visited our offices in Venlo, Tunis, Montego Bay, and Boston!

Of course, getting to travel is just a cherry on the cake. When I look back on my Vistaprint-journey I’m most grateful for everything I have learned along the way. From the one-on-one contact with the Vistaprint customers when I was a CARE specialist, to learning the ins and outs of project management in my current role. I would never have guessed I’d end up here, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

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