December 17, 2018

Vistaprint Success Story – Jet Ceelen

Author: Jet Ceelen

Personal Statement

– Ask yourself if you feel good about what you do
There will always be ups and downs, both in professional and in personal life. I do not aim for everything to be perfect, instead I think that if I, by putting in effort and making the right decisions, can set the balance to the “happy side” as far as possible, I am successful.

– Don’t choose work over personal life – try to make the two complement each other
Work pays for my fun, but I spend too much time at work to settle for something that does not involve great colleagues, learning every day (or week), good arrangements for time off and doing things I feel passionate about.

– Care about your karma
I believe that doing good will bring you good and that making someone else smile is more fulfilling than making only yourself smile.

Before Vistaprint

I was not at all interested in stepping up the career ladder for a long time. After studying, I worked in a call center on and off, just to pay for my months long travels. Then, when I was ready to settle down a bit, I realized that offering customer service did create a strong customer oriented mindset in me and that I wanted to stay in the sector. I worked as a customer complaints coordinator in a startup company in Amsterdam, but that turned out to be too close to home, still. I decided to move to Berlin and apply at Vistaprint.

Vistaprint Career Path

CARE Specialist (Dutch)
04/2014 – 03/2015

Working in the customer service field was not new to me. What was new to me, was the flexibility we could apply in finding solutions for a customer at Vistaprint. My mind was already strongly set to customer service, but Vistaprint took it to the next level. It was an easy job in the sense of having relaxed and fulfilling conversations with our customers, because the main focus was, and still is, to make them happy customers if they aren’t already. In the meanwhile, I continued to polish my German skills, because they seemed indispensable when pursuing a career in Germany.

Exposure Program, CARE Learning
04/2015 – 09/2015

I had already expressed my interest in at some point joining the Learning department, so when the vacancy for the Exposure Program – kind of an internal internship – was announced, I didn’t doubt for a second and applied. I was given lots of responsibility since the beginning, directly delivering training to our New Hires and helping to improve that training. Things went so well, that my stay in the department was extended from the initial three to six months.

Trainer, CARE Learning
10/2015 – 02/2018

During my last month in the Exposure Program, there it finally was: the job opening for a new Trainer position in the Learning team. I applied and was so happy to land the job. During my studies, I have always said I wanted to be a teacher at some point and now I was, even if not for kids, but in a corporate environment. I especially enjoyed getting to know every new colleague that enters the building, because I meet them in our intensive New Hire Training. After a while, I also started to deliver the other trainings (on topics like Marketing, Feedback, Non-Violent Communication, Questioning Techniques, Social Styles), also in our Tunis and Venlo locations. Also, I developed myself in the field of Instructional Design and became more involved in global work.

Senior Specialist, CARE Learning
03/2018 – today

I have received appreciation from my managers and colleagues throughout my time at Vistaprint, but this promotion made it all official. Also, it officially means my responsibility in delivering and preparing trainings, improving processes and global project work has increased, which makes my job even more challenging and interesting. I am especially very happy to enjoy lots of freedom in how I divide and prioritize my work and to be able to develop myself broadly. This makes that I confidently look forward to having a future and even more career steps at Vistaprint.

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