July 19, 2018

Vistaprint Success Story – David Mandl

Author: Claudia Veldten

Before Vistaprint

I moved from London to Berlin in 2013 because of my interest in the local music scene. I started studying Audio Engineering, but realized after a year that I didn’t want to mix business with pleasure. Following this I worked odd jobs here and there while I was looking for something more stable with a good team atmosphere. Somewhere I could develop both professionally and personally.

Career at Vistaprint

Becoming a Specialist (2015-08-31 – 2017-07-01) for the Swedish Customer CARE team in 2015 was a breath of fresh air for me. All of a sudden I was working alongside colleagues who took their roles seriously, showing dedication to improving themselves and increasing their knowledge required to provide great service. This was the sort of environment I never really knew I needed. It definitely rubbed off on me. I started to push myself to do better; to put my best foot forward.

I soon realized that I enjoyed taking on new tasks and responsibilities, and with the encouragement of my team coach I applied to become Platinum (2017-05-01 – present). It wasn’t easy, and to be honest I barely passed the test. But I did pass, and it felt great to be recognized for my efforts. So, when the organizational changes at Vistaprint took place, and a position for the Swedish SERS Advisor (2017-07-01 – present) opened up – a role that I had kept my eyes on from day one – I leapt at the chance. Solving problems, finding workarounds, and advising my colleagues in technical and payment related cases has proven to be immensely rewarding for me and I am excited to further myself and grow into my new role.

Personal statement

I don’t pretend to know the path to development, but I have followed these steps throughout my time here at Vistaprint:

  • Challenge yourself to do better, and find something to measure your progress with. In my case it was stats.
  • Once you feel like you’re on top of your daily tasks, look up and outwards and see what other assignments you can take on, and try to explore new ways to help yourself and your colleagues to grow.
  • Reach out to other departments and try to understand how everything pieces together. Take ownership of your learning and let your curiosity drive you. I believe that is the key to progress.

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