July 27, 2017

“The Break”

Author: Cori Galligan, Gabi Sherman, Amy Jackson, Jeremy Pallai, Michael Buckley and Emma Roberts

One of the many perks about working at Vistaprint is our very own Vistabreak. What is a Vistabreak you may ask? A Vistabreak, also known as “the break” is a four week long opportunity where eligible employees can enjoy an extended time away from work to rejuvenate while receiving full pay and benefits. In order to be eligible for a Vistabreak, you must be an employee at the company for five years. Our employees have experienced amazing things during their break, and many have exciting plans for their Vistabreak in the future. We spoke to four of our fellow employees about their Vistabreak and what they still were learning from the four week experience, not in the office. Keep reading to hear more about their past experiences and upcoming plans!

Amy Jackson, Senior Talent and Experience Manager, took her Vistabreak in Summer of 2016. During her break, Amy, her husband and their three kids traveled along the pacific coast, starting in San Francisco with a final destination in San Diego. Along the way they stopped in unforgettable places such as Monterey, Malibu, and of course the kid friendly stops – the San Diego zoo and aquariums! Amy told us that she and her family had an amazing experience during these two weeks. She also added that it was such a memorable family experience that sparked inspiration for a new family tradition of road trips!

Jeremy Pallai, Senior Director of our Design Experience, has been lucky enough to go on two Vistabreaks over the course of his thirteen years here. His first Vistabreak was spent in Africa as a postponed honeymoon. Jeremy and his wife got to check off an item on their bucket list, by completely unplugging and traveling to a new continent. His second and more recent Vistabreak consisted of mini tours to see friends, visiting new museums, and going to music shows. In addition, Jeremy also wrote a children’s book with family members about his passion for fishing. The book, titled, “Fish on the Move,” would have never been written, Jeremy says “without a Vistabreak, allocating time to be creative.”

A few of our employees are about to go on their Vistabreak and have very exciting plans ahead. Michael Buckley, Sr. Creative Director, is one of our fellow employees that is about to embark on his Vistabreak. Before leaving for his Vistabreak, Michael told us about his plans to travel Italy with his family and explore the food, culture and traditions Italy has to offer. He will be traveling with his wife and family, excited to have an amazing family experience by unplugging their devices and spending quality time together. Emma Roberts, Global eCommerce Merchandising Director, plans to spend a few days in Orlando before venturing to Mexico, where her and her family plan to swim with dolphins, explore the ancient ruins and have some great family downtime together. Emma told us that she is not nervous to leave her work, knowing she has a “great team looking after things” while she’s out.  We are excited to hear from Michael and Emma when they both get back from their trips!

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