July 24, 2017

Meet Karsten, A Director of CARE Operations & Site Lead

Author: Claudia Veldten, Gabi Sherman, Karsten Westermann

Meet Karsten Westermann! Karsten is the site lead for our Berlin service center.  He also oversees CARE Operations and functions as the product owner for CARE specialist tools. Karsten has been an employee at Vistaprint for seven years.

When asked what advice he could give our team members to help make their experience most valuable, Karsten advised us to start with the customers. He expressed the importance of spending more time learning about customers and interacting with our CARE organization. Today, approximately 25% of customers on our site contact customer service at some point before, during or after ordering with us. Because of frequent contact with customer service, CARE is a great starting point for anyone who is seeking to understand more about our customers, whether it is questions, challenges the customer faces, etc. Karsten also noted that he is “thrilled with the level of customer centricity in Vistaprint!”

If Karsten could shadow one function here at Vistaprint to learn more, he would want to spend more time with our Hatchery team, Vistaprint’s innovation lab focused on new business models that generates building and testing for future commercial purposes. Karsten said he is, “particularly curious about how they go about generating their ideas and evaluate before they test or invest,” a skill he said he admires. Thank you Karsten!

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