July 2, 2018

Inside the Vistaprint Waltham Office

Author: Amanda Spaccarelli

Welcome to the Vistaprint Waltham Office!

#LifeinVistaprint is extremely collaborative. Our workspaces are far from ordinary… but so are we!

Here in the Vistaprint Waltham Office, we’ve built our work spaces to meet the needs of each team. Whether its meeting spaces, eating spaces, fun spaces, storage spaces or even quiet spaces, we have it all! Around the office, there are plenty of spots to switch up the scenery for a meeting or lunch with fellow Vistaprinters. In the game room, you can find employees working on their serve over the ping pong table or even jamming out on the Rock Band set up on the Xbox. Outside of the building, employees can soak up the sun on the outdoor patio while enjoying food from the café.

On the fourth floor, the Talent and Experience team has recently updated their space to feel more cozy and collaborative. The team has done away with cubicles and instead, use a variety of workstations that make their space feel more like home. A set of couches are the focal point of the room and often times, you can find the team having breakfast or lunch together at the dining room table!

The space offers over eight different types of seating options so that each day, employees can feel comfortable changing up their setup and easily working together with others. The team, as well as any employee who wants to use the space, can choose between stand up tables, dual monitor desks, arm chairs overlooking the 4th floor views, high-top tables and more. Although booking a meeting room is a great way to guarantee space to work with teammates, the Talent and Experience team has seen some of their best ideas sprout from a quick brainstorm session while sitting on the couches or at the tables around the space.

Take a look at some of their favorite spots:

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