June 13, 2018

Meet the Vistaprint Summer Interns

Author: Amanda Spaccarelli

We have just about completed our first two weeks as interns at the Vistaprint Waltham office and the summer is already in full swing! Our first week started with an intern orientation which was kicked off with valuable advice from Vistaprint CEO, Trynka Shineman.

During a panel with former interns who now work full time at Vistaprint, we were offered tips on how to make the most of our 10-week program. Their best advice? Talk to as many people as you can; everyone at Vistaprint has a unique story to share!

We ended our first day with what might have been the most challenging task we would face as interns- the Marshmallow Challenge. Before explaining the instructions, Jody Dempty, the Campus Recruiting Manager, handed us a bag with our supplies: 20 pieces of raw spaghetti, a single marshmallow, a string, and a few feet of masking tape. After a minute of confusion among the group, Jody explained that our goal was to construct the tallest free-standing tower with the only requirement being that the marshmallow had to be placed at the very top. With a time limit of 20 minutes, we worked as a team to brainstorm an approach, construct our tower, and do everything in our power to make sure it wouldn’t fall. Although constructing marshmallow towers may not be part of our day-to-day job as interns, this team exercise gave us first hand experience collaborating with our teammates to create a solution to a complicated problem- a skill we will all use throughout our time here at Vistaprint!


During the rest of our first and second weeks, we settled into our various departments and got to know our team members through lunch outings, our first food truck Wednesday, and the weekly Friday breakfast (we really like food around here). We attended brainstorms, participated in Learning Labs and even had some time for a little bit of friendly competition in the game room!

The interns are looking forward to learning, growing and making a real impact through an immersive internship experience. Matthew Tufankjian, a Marketing Intern from Babson University is looking forward to “learning about how a big company like Vistaprint is able to connect to a market of small business owners and truly make an impact on their success.”

While some interns are working with the marketing team to help small business thrive, others are making sure that the tools necessary for success are simple and easy to use on the Vistaprint website. Erin Hsu, a User Experience Intern from Tufts University is excited to “see through a user experience project from end to end: from the research test plans to designing updates to the current interface.”

Some of our plans for the rest of the summer include kayaking on the Charles, playing laser tag, and even taking a trip to the Cimpress printing plant in Windsor, Ontario to learn about the process our products undergo before making it into the hands of our customers all around the world. Julia Bodian, a Software Engineering Intern from Oberlin College & Conservatory, said, “There’s so much more to “real-world” development that we don’t learn in school, so these ten weeks will be packed with learning new things.”

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