About Us

From its brilliant but modest start as a specialty paper provider, Vistaprint has grown into an e-commerce powerhouse.

Vistaprint, a Cimpress company, is revolutionizing marketing and technology around the world and imprinting our unique stamp of excellence on custom products and manufacturing.

Our billion dollar company empowers more than 16 million small business owners and consumers worldwide to make a living, make a connection and make a difference.

How did Vistaprint reach this pinnacle and change the print industry forever? As with many great companies, it all began with a visionary who had a jaw-dropping idea.

“Imagine you are a small business. You want to look legitimate. Everyone knows that the terms ‘high-quality, color and professional design’ don’t belong in the same sentence with inexpensive, low-volume, easy or quick.”
-Excerpt from founder Robert Keane’s business plan developed at the INSEAD business school in France.

  • 1995
    Company founded by Robert Keane in Paris
  • 1995-1999
    Sold specialty papers through catalog “Bonne Impression”
  • 1999
    Opened US office in Massachusetts
  • 2000 / 2001
    Launched free business cards on Vistaprint.com
    Employees:  20 / 25
    Customers:  14K / 404K
    Revenue:  $3M / $5M
  • 2002 / 2003
    Opened call center in Montego Bay
    Employees:  50 / 108
    Customers:  1M / 1.3M
    Revenue:  $17M / $35M
  • 2004
    Opened first manufacturing facility in Venlo
    Employees:  256
    Customers:  1.6M
    Revenue:  $59M
  • 2005


    Opened second manufacturing facility in Windsor

    Employees:  408
    Customers:  2.0M
    Revenue:  $91M
  • 2006
    Opened European marketing office in Barcelona
    Employees:  695
    Customers:  2.7M
    Revenue:  $152M
  • 2007
    Opened engineering center in Winterthur
    Employees:  1,112
    Customers:  4.1M
    Revenue:  $256M
  • 2008
    Launched digital marketing services
    Employees:  1,611
    Customers:  6.2M
    Revenue:  $401M
  • 2009
    Opened Southern European call center in Tunis and CEO office in Paris
    Employees:  1,834
    Customers:  8.0M
    Revenue:  $516M
  • 2010
    Opened Northern European call center in Berlin, procurement office in Hong Kong, third manufacturing facility in Deer Park, and APAC marketing office in Sydney
    Employees:  2,382
    Customers:  9.6M
    Revenue:  $670M
  • 2011
    Acquired photo book maker Albumprinter and do-it-yourself website builder Webs, Inc.
    Employees:  3,145
    Customers:  11.4M
    Revenue:  $817M
  • 2012
    Reached the $1 Billion mark and opened manufacturing facility in Bhiwandi. Additionally, we invested in Beijing based Namex and acquired assets of PrintBell in Mumbai.
    Employees:  4,100
    Customers:  14.4M
    Revenue:  $1B

Back in 1994, few people realized Robert Keane was starting a revolution. His radical idea: Empower small business owners to print their own high-quality color brochures and other marketing material in volumes and at prices that suited their budgets.

The fledgling Vistaprint began life in Robert’s Paris apartment, using desktop printers and publishing software to serve microbusinesses via a direct marketing catalog. A need was met and sales grew steadily.

By 1999, the world was wild about the web and businesses had the power to instantly connect with millions of customers around the world. Robert grabbed this opportunity to transition “Vistaprint the catalog” to a true e-commerce platform. And all along he continued his pursuit of an efficient method for allowing low volume and high quality to coexist – at low prices.

His quest paid off with a breakthrough innovation in production: Gang-run printing. Now, when a customer clicked to confirm an order, it would instantly be “ganged” together in batches of similar sizes, products, papers or colors, allowing orders of any size to be printed in a high-volume process.

Humming along in 2000, thanks to its new patented technology, Vistaprint was headed straight for the dotcom bubble burst, while simultaneously embarking on its most famous endeavor yet: Free business cards.

Robert believed that “free” would drive so much volume that unit production costs would fall drastically, creating a virtuous circle of lower costs, leading to more customers. This great idea paid off.

By 2002, with holiday cards and other consumer products added to the portfolio, Vistaprint celebrated its 1 millionth order and boasted nearly 1 million customers worldwide. After this the company picked up the pace and began opening large-scale manufacturing plants and new offices around the globe.

By 2005, after showing the world just how profitable the humble microbusiness could be, Vistaprint, a once-humble microbusiness itself, went public. Since then, we’ve continued to grow – both our global presence and our product line.

By 2014, Cimpress, the parent company of Vistaprint, has offices in more than 16 countries with over 5,100 employees, serving more than 16 million customers and generating over $1.3 billion in annual revenue. Not bad for a company that spent its first year in a converted bedroom.

We understand innovation is more than technology; it’s about an idea, vision and a dream. These are the things we look for from each employee, regardless of their department, title or tenure. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our future. If you’d like to be a part of it, search our job openings now.

"We are still only in the middle of our second decade. Together over the next decade, we will build the world-class transformational business we aspire to be.”

Robert Keane, Founder and CEO, Cimpress

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