You’ll be in good company

From first-class graduates to patent holders and PhDs, a diverse and talented pool of people are ready to challenge your thinking and help you realize your ideas.

From around the world

We have thousands of employees located around the world. That’s a lot of people and a lot of languages – and it makes for a culturally rich working environment.

Feeding your brain

We know your ideas and talents extend beyond your day job. That’s why we’ve got the platforms in place for you to express them. Share an idea, write an article or initiate a brainstorming session.

Have a drink on us

It’s become a tradition to have regular company get-togethers over a few casual drinks – and a great way to network and develop ideas with colleagues.

But who’s counting?

We empower over 17 million microbusinesses and consumers annually with affordable, professional options to make an impression.

Working in record time

We’re fulfilling an average of over 75,000 orders per day globally – that’s a lot of packages and a lot of happy customers!

A great growth story

Since 2001, we’ve expanded at a remarkable rate, increasing revenue from $6 million to over $1 billion in 2012!

Committed to growth

Growth brings opportunity to our employees, value to our shareholders, and represents our ability to deliver greater value to our customers.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than stumbling upon one of my designs when I’m out around town. Knowing I was a part of building someone’s business is a feeling that just never gets old.”

Elizabeth Brady | Senior Graphic Designer, Waltham

“I enjoyed setting up the finance organizations in our Venlo plant and other European locations. They are dynamite teams and, after more than seven years, I still enjoy working for this great company.”

Herman Derix | Finance Director, Venlo

“I worked on a project to split our business and home & family products on the home page. Our revenues rose by six figures.”

Susan Rice | User Experience Design Manager, Waltham

“It’s been exciting working in the Tunis office. In the two years I’ve been here, we’ve about quadrupled our team. Everyone’s engaged and so proud to be part of the Vistaprint family.”

Aziza Mzoughi | HR Specialist, Tunis

“I’ve met more people from around the world this year than I have in my life. I work with Barcelona daily.Whether it’s video conferencing or quick phone calls, I’m in constant contact with them.”

Mark Meko | Analyst, Waltham

“In my team there are people from the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and America. This diversity runs through the whole business. It challenges people’s thinking and drives positive change.”

Richard Moody | UK and Ireland Director, Barcelona

“It is motivating to use technology to solve concrete business problems. I love what I do here.”

Josh Marcus | Director of Project Management, Barcelona

“I am not limited to the tasks I have to do within my specific role; I am also able to show my strengths and interests in other fields and projects.”

Sabrina González | Marketing Specialist, Barcelona

“I’ve had the opportunity to work in four distinctly different roles during my tenure at Vistaprint. I feel like the company is investing in me for the long-haul.”

Dan Malone | Sr. Director, External Marketing, Waltham

“The team spirit at DSS Berlin is great! It is fun to work in an international team with colleagues from different European countries.”

Manuel Zimmermann | DSS Representative, Berlin

“I like to be part of a fast growing company. My performance is appreciated and I was quickly promoted.”

Oliver Sendatzki | Learning Associate, Berlin

“ Vistaprint gives me the opportunity to learn a lot and to be creative. It never gets boring!”

Thomas Thiel | Workforce Management, Berlin


We launched our European customer support service in Tunis in 2009. Starting out as a modest-sized team, serving France, Italy and Spain, we’ve grown rapidly to a close-knit crew of over 150 and expanded our service to include Portugal and the UK.

This is not your average customer service center. We don’t work in boxes, for one thing. Our office is an entirely open plan so we can collaborate and share ideas. In fact, we invite communication across all levels, which means if you want to speak with your manager, the office door is already open. We also offer flexible shifts, including evenings, to cater to your lifestyle.

If this sounds like your kind of place, we’d love to hear from you.

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