Rewarding Work

Rewarding Lives

People come to Vistaprint for lots of reasons. Some enjoy the exciting experience of building and contributing to the growth of this innovative company; others find that the opportunity for personal and career growth and development are most compelling.

The rewards we offer at Vistaprint are designed to best meet the needs of our talented and diverse workforce and go far beyond great earning potential – before we’ve even included all the extras! Combine all these with a stimulating work environment and you’re well placed to enjoy an enriched personal and professional quality of life.


Vistaprint believes in investing for the future, and so should you. The Vistaprint Employee Super Fund is supported by an award-winning fund that provides access to a wide range of investments with very competitive fees and company-funded insurance for death, total and permanent disability (TPD) and salary continuance.

Vistaprint’s benefits provide the means to a healthy lifestyle and the flexibility to meet your changing needs. We provide a period of paid parental leave in addition to the statutory government funded provisions. Our Employee Assistance Program provides access to qualified counselors who can help with personal or work-related issues without cost to employees or their immediate family members. And through our VistaChallenge activities, our employees find fun and entertaining ways to challenge each other to improve health and productivity whilst also boosting morale and team spirit.

Vistaprint recognizes that personal and professional development are key. We’re growing, and our people want to grow too. Vistaprint places a great deal of emphasis on the value of education by actively encouraging further education among its employees. To assist, Vistaprint has established an Education Assistance Program designed to offset some of the cost. We also provide extensive in-house training and developmental programs which are tailored and designed to help you build your skills and advance in your career.

Vistaprint provides employees and their families access to significant discounts on a range of leading brands and retailers through FirstBenefits. We also provide employees with a tax-effective, affordable way to lease a motor vehicle through the company’s preferred suppliers. Besides the free tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks available, our catered social hour on Fridays is also a great way to hang out with colleages after the work week is over!

Key benefits:

  • Competitive superannuation fund
  • Educational assistance program
  • Employee assistance program
  • Additional paid parental leave


  • Friday social hour with free food and drink
  • Free tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks
  • Employee-driven wellness challenges
  • Discounts on leading brands and retailers
  • Tax-advantaged motor vehicle leasing program
Rewards vary depending on location and are subject to change without notice.