Rewarding Work

Rewarding Lives

People come to Vistaprint for lots of reasons. Some enjoy the exhilarating experience of building and contributing to the growth of this innovative company; others find that the opportunity for personal and career growth and development are most compelling; all come because Vistaprint provides both emotional as well as monetary rewards which support and enrich the lives of its employees.

Our rewards go far beyond great earning potential. We begin by offering a dynamic, stimulating work environment and add to that a set of benefits which best meet the needs of our talented, growing and diverse workforce. We top it off with a dash of some specially designed “extras” which help to motivate and inspire.

We want you to succeed in life as much as we want you to succeed in your career. Our total rewards package of compensation, benefits and extras is just one way that we’re able to show it.


Do well at Vistaprint and you’ll be rewarded in many ways. Our pay packages reflect our pay-for-performance philosophy with opportunities to earn competitive base salary as well as bonus incentives. Results-oriented, high-performing employees have the opportunity to increase their earnings potential through merit-based and promotional increases. Since talented performers know other talented performers, we offer referral bonuses for most positions as part of our successful employee referral program.

Vistaprint’s health and well-being benefits provide the means to a healthy lifestyle and the flexibility to meet your changing needs. We provide generous and broad-based health insurance as well as life and disability insurances to help meet the needs of our dynamic employees and their families. Our time-off and “floating holiday” policies make it easy to balance between a rewarding career and having a rewarding life.

We’re growing, and our people want to grow too. Vistaprint places a great deal of emphasis on the value of education by actively encouraging further education among its employees. To assist, Vistaprint has established a Tuition Assistance Program designed to offset some of the cost. We also provide extensive in-house training and developmental programs which are tailored and designed to help you build your skills and advance in your career.

Need some extra incentive? Vistaprint provides free roundtrip transportation from downtown Montego Bay to our facility in the Free Zone, a stocked variety of beverages, uniforms, and ample opportunities to give back to our community through several charitable initiatives.

Key benefits:

  • Life insurance coverage
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Tuition assistance program
  • Employee referral bonus program
  • Five floating holidays


  • Free round-trip transportation from downtown
  • Free beverages
  • Uniforms
Rewards vary depending on location and are subject to change without notice.