Our technology function combines the processes, people and technology to enable business outcomes, which is why we call it “Capabilities.” This group builds our business capabilities from idea stage to implementation. Whether improving a website, optimizing our proprietary technology, launching a new manufacturing plant or managing the release of 13 million lines of code every three weeks, members of Capabilities harness technology and complexity to contribute to our strategic business advantage.

Our technologists have degrees from some of the finest institutions, are published authors and hold multiple patents, but they also have the demonstrated ability to work in an agile, collaborative environment to apply their expertise in ways that result in innovation. They bring a passion for working across multiple disciplines and for wrestling with knotty problems. Most of all, they enjoy the opportunity to put technology to work in a way that impacts millions of customers.

You will do more than just code; you’ll be responsible for designing and implementing world-class global capabilities that generate real-world, scalable e-commerce solutions in a fast-paced environment.

  • Senior Software Engineer
    We’re looking for an experienced software developer who can help us design and build Vistaprint’s next generation website, services, and algorithmically driven recommendation engines. Vist ...more

With a naturally inquisitive mind, you’ll plan, design and execute test strategies focusing on website capabilities and product development.

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You will manage more than just a process at Vistaprint; you’ll own the business value from click to ship for a complex set of projects that drive a quality customer experience.

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You’ll help build, manage and support all our technology needs from our vast network, manufacturing and enterprise systems to our computing and communication platforms.